Here is the list of interesting things from the front page of India Music Week that are not essays, videos, databases, links or events.

  • The BIG Picture Picture

  • Pratyush Gupta's The Colours of Indian Classical Music poster explaining Indian music.

  • The BIG Picture Tutorial

  • Swar Systems' tutorial on understanding Hindustani music.

  • Realworld Compilation

  • Realworld Records, UK + USA streaming compilation from Peter Gabriel’s label

  • Times Music - Streaming Album

  • Compilation posted on Gaana.Com and iTunes and the Nokia mobile store.

  • Amarrass Records Compilation

  • Amarrass Records offers the lively 'Raichand' by the Barmer Boys, a Rajasthani quartet, as a gift or a stream. 1) Click buy link on the song 2) Enter value '0' 3) Enter email. Enjoy. They are also offering a CD giveaway, every day of India Music Week. Just 'Like' their Facebook page, say 'why' you like or just e-mail them. Nice.

  • CD Baby - Top Picks

  • CD Baby, Portland, OR – special selection of Indian albums, highlighted for the week.
    see their pop picks / see their classical picks