Participants and Sponsors



  • Fred Patterson - Head Archivist,
  • Quinn Macrorie - current Archivist, organized the interns and filled in the blanks on a lot of our data. She also pretended to be a secretary and screened calls so I could pretend to be in charge.

  • Interns + Volunteers

    These folks did the tedious and important work of cataloging recordings, populating the links, sorting and re-sorting, data entry, the bulk of video harvesting and a great deal of the frantic last minute this-and-that.

  • Madoka Aramachi - Liberal Arts major, LaGuardia Community College, NYC
  • Scott Groffman - New York University
  • Laura Kilty - musician, composer, Doctoral composition candidate, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • William J. Levay - Library Science, Pratt, NYC
  • Bill rebuilt and organized our YouTube site.
  • Sinead Murphy - majoring in Sociology/Anthropology and Art History, Pace University, NYC
  • Stephanie Rivera - media studies student, LaGuardia Community College, NYC
  • Nick Rhoades - librarian, teacher
  • Kabir Uppal - musician, Berklee School of Music + now back in India
  • Adriana Walsh - music major, Grinell College, Iowa
  • Thanks to all. They made India Music Week possible.


    So very many organizations, artists, and individuals helped with India Music Week. Most everyone should be listed on the front/home page and we hope we listed them all on the links pages correctly. A few went way beyond simply providing info on themselves and their activities. Special thanks to them and the hundreds of others who donated recordings, tips, metadata and advice!